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Conflict is for the Birds is a proven system for resolving conflict situations. 


The Questionnaire                                         


The Oudeh Conflict Styles Instrument is a 100-item self-scorable questionnaire that identifies your dominant conflict management styles. It also identifies your level of preference for each of the five conflict management styles and provides detailed information on the benefits and challenges of each style. It is an instrument that is easily accessible, readily understood and memorable.



Discover your conflict management style and learn how to use it to your advantage. Your conflict management style is the key to resolving conflicts with co-workers, friends, family and loved ones. Find out whether you are a decisive Woodpecker, a sharing Owl, a negotiating Hummingbird, an Ostrich who steers clear of conflict, or a friendly Parakeet.


In addition to identifying your dominant style, the Oudeh Conflict Styles Instrument takes into account that we don't strictly adhere to one style in all conflict situations; that we are capable of utilizing all five conflict styles. The instrument predicts the shift in one's conflict style, known as your Flight Pattern. We all possess an instinctive conflict management style; however, what happens when our dominant conflict management style no longer provides us with satisfactory results or we reach an impasse in the conflict? Quite naturally, we shift our approach to the conflict with a different style.



Questionnaire and information to interpret results
Available in English and French



The Book 

Turn conflicts into opportunities. Discover the positive potential of conflict by making appropriate choices in how you respond when conflict erupts. For most of us, our negative and fearful responses to conflict can be self-fulfilling - because we are expecting the worst, that’s often what we experience.
With awareness of the five distinct conflict management styles (the Woodpecker, the Parakeet, the Ostrich, the Owl, and the Hummingbird) you can determine which approach is most appropriate. And, by recognizing the conflict management styles of others, you will know how to resolve the situation rather than escalate it.
Rich with candor and humor, Conflict is for the Birds offers a hands-on, solutions-oriented approach to turning conflict into an opportunity for problem solving and growth.


E Book


Soft Cover Book, 174 pages


Workshops & Webinars 

Live workshops with authors Gayle and Nabil Oudeh are being presented in Spring 2015.  Dates and locations will be announced soon.  


Nabil and Gayle have developed engaging experiences, exercises, and discussion points that allow participants to experience The Birds in a real way and see, firsthand, how they can enhance their conflict management skills.


As speakers, Gayle and Nabil bring passion and humor to the subject of conflict in a manner that captivates and inspires audiences. You’ll be entertained, but you’ll also learn new ways of approaching conflict, dealing with difficult people, and resolving tough situations – skills that you can incorporate into your life right now.  



 Training Materials 

 The Questionnaire

The Oudeh Conflict Management Style Assessment Instrument is a valuable tool for trainers, facilitators, coaches and counselors when addressing conflict in the workshop, the family or any areas of life.  It is available to trainers in printed format in packages of 10.

Soft cover, 16 pages
Questionnaire and information to interpret results
Available in English and French
$135 for package of 10


Conflict is for the Birds
Facilitator’s Guide

Whether you want to deliver a conflict management workshop or incorporate a conflict management component into your existing training program, our Facilitator’s Guide gives you workshop formats, presentation materials, reproducible masters and exercises based on our Conflict is for the Birds Assessment Questionnaire. Also included is the Conflict is for the Birds Administrator’s Manual that gives you extensive information about the development of the questionnaire and all the information you need to expertly interpret the results of the questionnaire for your workshop participants.

What have past participants said about the Conflict is for the Birds training program?

"Impressive! Practical!"

"This is hands-on useful stuff that I can take back to work."

"This is training that will stick!"

"Informative but also fun."

"The best course I’ve ever attended!"


You are guaranteed to get rave reviews when you include The Birds in your next training program.

Available in English and French



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