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 Conflict Styles 

In life, love and work, there are times when conflict is inevitable; because "conflict" is simply a matter of differences - a difference of opinion, different beliefs, a different way of looking at things. And when dealing with people, those differences are bound to show up. What's important is how we deal with these conflicts when they do arise. Understanding what type of approach to use in a conflict situation is the first step in resolving our differences.


Each of us has our preferred style of dealing with conflict. Our conflict management style is not something we've intentionally adopted but rather learned though our upbringing, our personality, our life experiences. When faced with conflict, most of us react instinctively. Understanding the different styles of dealing with conflict allows us to recognize that we have a choice in how we respond. We can choose a more appropriate approach than our reactive response, allowing us to get the results we want.  Each conflict style has its strengths and weaknesses. Determine your preferred style and learn how it can assist or challenge you when you experience conflict.


Take the Oudeh Conflict Styles Instrument  to determine your preferred style and learn your options in making better choices dealing with conflict in your life. Far too often, conflict is divisive, destructive and demoralizing. But it doesn’t have to be! Conflict can also be a positive experience, an opportunity for growth, change and new ideas.

Conflict is for the Birds explores the positive potential of conflict – potential that derives from making appropriate choices in how we respond to conflict.
There are five distinct conflict management
styles – the Woodpecker, the Parakeet, the
Ostrich, the Owl and the Hummingbird.They
all have their advantages but they also have
“A refreshing and entertaining approach that makes a difficult topic easier to talk about.”
challenges. Understanding what type of approach to use in a conflict situation is the important first step in resolving our differences.
Whether you are looking for help in addressing and resolving a current conflict, greater personal awareness and growth, or resources for training or conference events, we offer a variety of products and services that will meet your unique needs and help you deal with difficult situations in a positive, constructive way.
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